Fall Primitive Iron & Novelty Shoot

October 27 & 28, 2018
Sat. 9-5pm Sun. 9-4pm

We hope you will come join us for this autumn shoot. It promises to be a lot of fun with interesting and challenging targets and beautiful cool fall weather. This event will feature the following:

Woods Walk-

12 shots in our woods walk area with metal targets that resemble animals found in the woods (turkeys, bears, coyotes, etc)

Novelty area

10 shots on the main range with small reactive targets (chalk, water balloons, triscuits, etc)


"Primitive Iron" area:

12 shots on the wooded walk path to the left of the main range with metal targets that resemble items familiar to our forefathers (tomahawks, kettles, etc). 

There will be a $5.00 entry fee on each of these three events. Unlimited re-entry on each of these three events is permitted with additional entry fees paid.

The competition categories will include: Men's Rifle, Men's Smoothbore, Women's Rifle, Women's Smoothbore, and Juniors. Each shooter's score will be aggregate of their best scores from each event for the weekend. 

This is a primitive muzzleloader competition, shot with patched round balls using open sights in a standing position (off hand) using either flint or percussion. Inline muzzleloaders are not permitted. Primitive / historical clothing is encouraged but not required.

Prizes will be presented at the end of the Shoot in the form of certificates. Anyone who cleans all three ranges will also be (unofficially) awarded, bragging rights. Please review our Range Rules here before participating.


Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Rifle Aggregate, 1st - 3rd place in each- Men's, Women's, and Junior's
Smoothbore Aggregate, 1st - 3rd place in each- Men's and Women's

Best Woodswalk in each- Men's, Women's, and Junior's
Best Primitive Iron in each- Men's, Women's, and Junior's
Best Novelty in each- Men's, Women's, and Junior's
Best Tie Breaker in each- Men's, Women's, and Junior's


Please note- the Woods Walks and Novelty area will be designed to have the participants shoot out of their shooting bags (if at all possible) otherwise, be prepared for a lot of walking on uneven surfaces. 

In addition, there will be several Side Shoots happening during this event including:

Cut the string, drop the sack- win a ham ($1 per shot)
Knock down the turkey- win a ham ($1 per shot)
Shingle Shoot ($5 per shingle) enters you in Prize competition for this year long shoot.
Best Tie Breaker certificate

Concessions will be available for purchase at this event and, as always, there will be latrines and space for primitive camping.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them. We hope to see everyone there!