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*Scheduling Changes*

Please note that while this list is as comprehensive as it currently can be, some factors such as extreme weather or other emergencies could result in events being canceled or delayed without notice. Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders reserves the right to make this decision to insure the safety and comfort of it's Members. 

Please continue to check in with us regarding future events, should State Health guidelines or other unforeseen circumstances cause scheduling disruptions.


If you would like to confirm that one of the events listed above is taking place prior to your departure, please contact us and we'd be happy to let you know.

Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders Targets

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2024 Schedule
of Events


Membership Meeting
March 9

Club Meeting & Shoot 10am
April 13 

Club Meeting & Shoot 10am
May 18 & 19 

Buck O'Connor Spring Awards Shoot

9-5 Sat, 9-4 Sun
June 8

Club Meeting & Shoot 10am
July 13

Club Meeting & Shoot 10am
Aug. 10 

Club Meeting & Shoot 10am
Sept. Fall Shoot

Contact Club for Details
Oct. 12

Club Meeting & Shoot 10am


No Shoot. Hope you have a great Hunting Season! 

Dec. 14

Club Shoot 10am

Planning to CAMP for the weekend?

Click HERE for more info.

We ask that Participants please continue to practice safe germ and lead contamination prevention precautions while at the Club.

Since there is no running water available on site, bringing wash water or hand sanitizer to clean your hands is recommended. 

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