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Shingle Shoot

The Annual Shingle Shoot begins at the monthly WRM Club shoot in April and continues for a full year. This year's competition will end at the April 2019 monthly Club shoot, the top 10 winners will be determined at that time.

The 2018 Grand Prize is a nice shooting bag and horn made by talented contemporary artisan Clinton Byers. There are a few images of it in the slideshow below. There are more images in the article on it in the Contemporary Makers Blogspot here. This competition also awards several other great prizes- see the list below.

Shingle Shoot Prize Listing:

1st - Custom Horn & Bag        $ 300.00

2nd - Horn & Shooting Bag        $ 200.00

3rd - Horn & Canvas Shooting Bag    $ 125.00

4th - Powder Horn            $ 120.00

5th - Goex Powder 4 lbs        $  72.00

6th - Primitive Knife & Sheath        $  40.00

7th - Goex Powder 2 lbs        $  36.00

8th - Country Ham            $ 35.00
9th - Haversack            $ 35.00         

10th - Cash            $20.00


This is a primitive muzzleloader competition, shot with patched round balls using open sights in a standing position (off hand) using either flint or percussion. Inline muzzleloaders are not permitted.


Shingles are shot at a distance of 50 yards and the participant gets three shots per shingle. To participate, purchase the shingle during a WRM Club event, scratch an X on it with a knife, then post it in the appropriate area when the range is called "Cold".


The three shots on the shingle are measured from center of the X to the center of each ball hit. The three measurements are totaled together to get total string measurement. This is the participant's score for that shingle.


Shingles with less than three hits are thrown out. Only the lowest combined 3-shot measurement for each shooter is kept and recorded. There is no aggregate score involved. When a participant turns in a better scoring shingle than their previous one, the old score is thrown out and the better score is recorded.  


At each monthly club shoot, the participant with the best shingle wins bragging rights.  At the end of the 12-month period the person with the best shingle wins the grand prize, and the other participants will be placed in order and awarded prizes according to their score. Any ties are broken by determining which participant had the ball that hit furthest away from center X. This person loses the tie. 

Entry fee is $5.00 per shingle during all competitions. Participants may shoot 1-shingle only during monthly club shoots, no re-entry allowed. Re-entry is permitted at the the Spring, Fall Grocery and WRM Fall Primitive Shoots.

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