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Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders Range


In the interest of safety and consideration for all Participants, please read these rules.  If you have any questions, please bring them to the attention of the Range Officer before participating.

1. All Participants must sign the event registration waiver. 

2. All Juniors must have a registered Adult or Club Member to accompany them during their participation at the range or on the tomahawk & knife blocks. 

3. Wilderness Road Muzzleloaders Rules will be enforced with N.M.L.R.A. Rule book as a guide.

4. Decisions of the Range Officer will be Final. Report any range violations or concerns to them immediately.

5. Matches will be with Traditional style front-loading muzzleloaders only. No in-line actions permitted. Only black powder or black powder substitute is to be used during scheduled matches.

6. All matches will be shot with open sights. No peeps, hoods, or scopes.

7. The use of slings as part of a shooting aid is prohibited.

8. No shooting from the horn or can. Use of a powder measure or pre-measured paper cartridge is mandatory for all black powder loads. Keep powder containers closed, except when transferring powder. Powder horn & flask stoppers must be replaced before firing.

9. All shooting must be done from the firing line (rope). Our range uses a rope tied up at waist level when the range is active (Hot) and on the ground when it is inactive (Cold) for pulling and posting targets.

The Novelty / Woods Walk areas have a delineated firing line on the ground using wooden markers and/or a static rope. Participants on the outer ranges need to stay alert and listen for Range Officers instructions regarding range activity.

10. The Range Officer (RO) will call the firing line "Hot" and only then may loading proceed. Prior to the range being called "Cold" the RO will announce "Make this your last shot". If in the process or loading or shooting, Participants can finish up but should not begin another load. The RO will then ask if there are "Any Hot Ones?". This means that the RO is wishing to be informed of any weapons that are still loaded. Inform him immediately. All guns must be unloaded or made safe (primer removed, frizzen open, hammer on half cock or down) at this time. When the line is declared "Cold", all firearms are to be racked or placed in a secure static position with the muzzle pointed up. "Cease Fire" means STOP ALL ACTIVITY immediately, remove any primer, secure your weapon, and await instructions from the Range Officer.

11. Firearms should not be loaded until on the firing range. All participants must carry loaded weapons to the firing line with the muzzle facing up and above their head. Never point a gun at yourself or any other person. Always keep your trigger finger straight along the gun frame until on target and ready to fire.

12. Priming and firing can only commence once the range is "Hot" and the Participant has stepped up to the firing line. After priming or capping, muzzles must be kept pointed down range. 

13. If you have a malfunction, DO NOT LEAVE THE FIRING LINE to repair or replace your equipment. Stand still, keep your weapon facing down range, and call a Range Officer for assistance.

14. No blowing down barrels. It is an unsafe practice. Do not position any part of your body over the muzzle at any time.

15. Loads shall be a single round ball only, or birdshot for clays, unless otherwise specified and pre-approved by the Range Officer.

16. No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed on the range by anyone. No intoxicating substances are to be used before or during a shoot. No smoking in the vicinity of open powder containers.

17. Anyone displaying unsafe  behavior and/or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified and asked to leave the premises.

18. No animals are allowed in or near the shooting area.

19. Hearing and eye protection is highly recommended.

20. Do not shoot at any object (chain, prop, mechanical device, etc.) other than the designated target. Habitually breaking targets will be grounds for disqualification. Notify the Range Officer immediately if a target is accidentally broken.

21. Turn in paper targets when completed. Targets with questionable, mistaken, or overlapping hits should be mentioned when turning in your target for scoring. Targets that have more than the allotted amount of shots in them will have the highest score thrown out. Scores will be posted on the Range house wall throughout the matches. Any questions regarding scores should be addressed immediately.

22. All Woods Walk & Novelty shots will have a marker designating their location. The shooter must be positioned within a foot of the marker when shooting unless directed otherwise.

23. Non-shooters must remain behind the loading bench at all times. No walking in the firing line area while the range is "Hot". 

24. Be prepared to prove to the Range Officer that your weapon is empty when leaving the range. No firearm with a powder charge in the barrel can leave the shooting range except under the supervision of the Range Officer and after all attempts have been made to empty the firearm on the firing range. If a firearm must leave with a powder charge in the barrel, it is to be cased and placed in a vehicle.

25. Range safety is everyone's responsibility. Please keep alert. Always be respectful and helpful toward your Range Officer and fellow Participants. 

*Refer to the rules for your particular event for any additions to these rules.


SAFETY TIP: Please be aware of the potential health risk posed by exposure to lead in this hobby. Always wash thoroughly after a range trip. Wash your hands, fingers, arms and face with cold water and soap. Avoid using warm water, as it will open your pores, allowing for more lead exposure. Never eat, drink, or smoke after shooting without washing up first.

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